SOLAR is led by a 14-member Steering Committee (SC), which includes four officers and ten committee members. The SC meets each month on the Tuesday night one week prior to the club’s membership meeting. SC meetings are usually held at members’ homes or workplaces, and all club members are invited and encouraged to attend. Contact the SOLAR President for information on upcoming SC meetings.

Debbie Hendrickson photo

Debbie Hendrickson

Solar President

I grew up in Missouri where my family did a lot of camping and canoeing. As the years have passed I have added rafting, kayaking, backpacking, hiking, and bicycling to the list of activities I like doing. I really enjoy living in Michigan with all the opportunities it has for outdoor fun. What a beautiful state.

I was glad when I found SOLAR and the opportunity to enjoy these activities with other people with a passion for the outdoors.

Doreen Byrne photo

Doreen Byrne

Solar Vice President

I'm newer to SOLAR, having joined in 2015. I was interested in learning about new outdoor activities and new places to visit with other outdoor enthusiasts. I love the outdoors year-round, especially in our beautiful state. I enjoy camping, hiking, biking, and kayaking. When I added backpacking to my list of activities, the Basic Land Navigation and Beginning Backpacking classes offered through SOLAR prepared me for my new adventures. I love traveling and camping all around Michigan and visiting our national parks.

Laura Miller

Solar Secretary

My name is Laura Miller. I am a Michigan girl. I grew up camping in a tent, riding bikes and swimming. I love doing all kinds of outdoor activities in all seasons: hiking, backpacking, open water swimming, camping, biking, kayaking, climbing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and downhill skiing. I love to explore nature in all seasons. I am excited to be a member of SOLAR and look forward to trying new activities with the SOLAR club.

Carol McCririe

Solar Treasurer

Carol's Bio Coming soon!


Krisanne Schmidt

Solar Activities

Hi there! I have always loved car camping and being outside. I joined SOLAR in 2007 and immediately started taking as many of the workshops the club had to offer; which led to me finding my love for backpacking, hiking, kayaking, adventure racing and many other activities. I am the current leader of the Beginning Backpacking Workshop and I assist with the Intermediate Backpacking Workshop.

Leslie Cordova

Solar Bylaws Chair

Leslie's Bio Coming soon!

David Warneke

Solar Communications Chair

I grew up in Michigan learning about the outdoors from my father, an avid fisherman, and hunter. Although I do not really hunt or fish anymore, my love for the outdoors remains.

I have only been a member since 2017, but I found this group to be such a positive influence that I wanted to become more involved. I am excited to be serving on the steering team as public relations chair.

With your help, I would like to promote Solar Outdoors to continue to be a welcoming, fun, and exciting organization.

Anandhi Chandran

Solar Education Chair

Anandhi's Bio Coming soon!

Phil Crookshank photo

Phil Crookshank

Solar Equipment Chair

Phil's Bio Coming soon!

Karen Haroutunian

Solar Historian

I first heard about SOLAR through BS Hiking in 2007. I went to a meeting to check it out and liked it so much I joined. I took the Beginning Backpacking Workshop in 2008 and followed that up with several other workshops. I’ve been assistant instructor for beginning backpacking and Enjoying Michigan Winters. I enjoy hiking, backpacking, kayaking and other outdoor activities. Most of all, I enjoy hanging out with the friends I’ve made.

Elaine Granch

Solar Membership Chair

I like to hike, bike, and kayak or just spend time in the great outdoors. I recently went birding and apparently I saw 40 different species of birds, approximately 7 of which I could identify all by myself.

Glenn Beard

Solar Programs Chair

Glenn's Bio Coming soon!

Solar Public Relations

Interested in Volunteering for our Public Relations Chair?

Please contact our President for more info.

Webmaster 2020

Stacie Kitchen

Solar Webmaster

Since I was a young girl, my family would always camp in our pop-up camper every summer in Michigan or out of the state. Exploring the outdoors was something that became a passion of mine. Which lead to biking, hiking, backpacking, camping, and so much more.

Have been a member of Solar Outdoors since the early 2000s and then was one of the original 12 members of BS Hikers. Past 2006-2008 designer and printer for the ray editor. During that time I was involved with many classes, events, and meetings that Solar had going. I never said no to many of them, unless my wallet said otherwise. I'm looking forward to working with this club and getting more involved again!

Now that I'm back and as your webmaster, I would like to help promote it more with a new updated website.


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